Hello and welcome to Reception Class. Thank you for taking the time to look at all the exciting things we get up to! Our team include: Mrs Glendinning (class teacher), Mrs Flower, Miss Bellamy, Mrs Romano-Parker (Midday Meal Supervisor) and Miss Langton (Mon/Fri)

St Therese of Lisieux Class

Our Class morning prayer


Oh my God you love me

You’re with me night and day

I want to love you always

In all I do and say

I’ll try to please you Father

Bless me through the day.


In Reception we are learning how to get changed for our PE lessons on  Tuesdays, so we always have our kits in school.  We go up to the WOW (woodland of wonder) area with Mrs Cropper on Thursdays or Fridays, so we need our wellington boots too!

We love using all our amazing space (inside and out) and discovering lots of things, whilst we are learning.  We always have lots to talk about and enjoy sharing with our friends.

Class Timetable

Morning LearningLunchAfternoon Learning
MondayPhonics, Maths, Music, Play to LearnRSHE, Play to Learn, Choral
TuesdayPhonics, Maths, PE, Play to LearnTopic, Play to Learn, Liturgical Prayer
WednesdayPhonics, Maths, Play to LearnRE, Play to Learn
ThursdayPhonics, Maths or WOW, Play to LearnTopic, Play to Learn, Class Liturgical Prayer
FridayPhonics, Maths or WOW, Play to LearnTopic, Play to Learn, Celebration assembly

Termly Overviews

Lent 1 Curriculum Overview – Will you read me a story?

Lent 2 Curriculum Overview – What’s that sound?

Pentecost 1 Curriculum Overview  -Do cows drink milk?

Pentecost 2 Curriculum Overview  – What can you see in summer?

Our Wonderful Work this Term!

In our Woodland Of Wonder

Home Learning

Reading at home

Questions To Ask Your Child When Reading

As we all know reading is such a key part of our development.  Early reading ignites creativity, sparks curiosity, and stimulates the imagination in young children. Often, this leads to role-play as children grow which helps to develop other skills such as empathy, problem-solving, and morality.

When you share books with your child here are some questions to help you get even more from the experience.

Our House Teams 2023-24





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Previous Learning

We had a visit from Grantham Fire Station

Remembrance Day

We performed our own Nativity

We ordered things that we do during the day and night