Being a Musician:

Being a Musician is

  • arranging various sounds in a sequence to compose a tune.
  • understanding rhythm and how to conduct a beat.
  • listening and responding to different types of music from different genres and cultures.
  • Singing or performing a range of songs and melodies or playing an instrument.

Learning music helps me develop key skills such as self and social awareness, improved concentration and attention, self-discipline.


At St Mary’s, our Music curriculum is taught by Mrs C Pattison,  a member of the Our Lady of Lourdes Music service. All lessons are taught on a Monday, across the school. The scheme provides full curriculum support and bespoke medium and long-term planning. We aim to offer a relevant, broad, vibrant and ambitious curriculum that will inspire and excite our pupils using a wide variety of instruments, songs and music genres.


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Subject Overview:

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