Catholic Life

Mission Statement

Christ is at the centre of St. Mary’s as we strive to nurture and care for all our community members by encouraging them to BelieveSucceed and Soar within God’s love, to achieve the very best that they can, in all areas.


Our Vision

We are disciples who put our faith into action in all that we do.

We are role models who encourage others to shine and be the best version of themselves that they can be.

We are investigators who ask questions about the past, the present and the future.

We are artists who show our creativity and talents with flair and imagination.

We are storytellers who have a passion for reading and are able to communicate in many ways.

We are problem solvers who tackle tasks with an open mind and a positive approach.

We are team players who work together to achieve our goals.

We are explorers who learn new skills, embrace other cultures and value our locality and the wider world.

We Believe. We Succeed. We Soar.


Our Gospel Virtues

To achieve our full Christian potential, we all need to live out our Gospel Virtues: –


A Christ-like love respects the talent of each person in our school.


Faith helps us to do God’s will in this world.


Hope helps us to see a new life beyond our present one.


We know that if we love one another, peace will be all around us.


We believe that mercy will be shown by the way we forgive others.


We believe our community here unites us all as followers of Jesus.