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Voluntary Academy

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Year 6

                               Welcome to Year 6!

Mrs Howle is the Year 6 teacher. She is also the English and RE lead. Her favourite subject to teach is English; she particularly loves classic literature and grammar. In her spare time, she loves to walk her dogs and read but not at the same time! 

Mrs Davey is the teaching assistant in Year 6. She loves walking and visiting historic buildings, museums etc, In her spare time, she likes to read true crime stories and she also produces some wonderful cakes.

Mrs Oswin is our 1:1 teaching assistant. She is very artistic and creative; she does a lot of craft activities in her spare time. She is also a dog lover and is devoted to her boy!

Year 6 Class Prayer

        Loving Father,


        Help us to be disciples who put Christ at the centre

        of all that we say and do,


        Encourage us to open our hearts and ears to you so

        that we can spread the Good News,


        Send the Holy Spirit into every aspect of our lives to

        guide us through all the challenges we will encounter,


        We will always strive to put our faith into action and

        fulfil our potential,                                             


        Give us the strength to Believe, Succeed and Soar.












Our Classroom

Advent 1 Topic Overview

Island of Adventure

The children are to imagine they are part of an environmentalist expedition and have come across an uninhabited, previously undiscovered island. This island is the most beautiful, natural place they have seen and is home to many species of flora and fauna unknown to man. Where in the world would they want the island to be located? They will use atlases, globes or interactive maps on the Internet to decide upon a position for their Islands.  They will discuss the geographical features/landmarks shown on these maps. They will then decide the wide range of flora and fauna that will flourish on the Island and design a new species that lives there. These species will need protecting by an organisation, such as an environmental agency.  They will then design the identity of a new environmental agency, including the name and logo. The Island will be open to visitors so the children will design posters to attract them , decide on the activities available to do, places to eat, places to visit etc.


Advent 1 Topic Overview

Virtual Boccia Challenge

England does the Daily Mile...and so does Year 6!

Learning the technique of marbling