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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

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Autumn Term Curriculum Overview 2019 

This term our essential question is 'How can we save our planet?'




For our first term and REAL project, Year 4 will be working to answer the essential question ‘How can we save our planet?’ The project will address all areas of the curriculum and we will be learning about the different reasons why parts of the planet are in danger and the things we can do as humans to help save our planet.  

In our Project Writing throughout this term, we will be doing lots of research to find out about our local area, important people like David Attenborough who dedicates his life to helping animals and the planet, the impact of deforestation and plastic pollution and much more! We will be writing letters, information leaflets, biographies, stories and poems.  

The autumn term will see the children engaging in Science topics which will be ‘animals including humans’ and ‘living things and their habitats’. In Art we will be looking at looking at artists such as Andy Goldsworthy who works with natural materials found on our planet. We will be re-creating pieces of art inspired by him. We will also be designing and making pieces of artwork linked to the animals and our planet using a mix of medias. In Design and Technology, we will be designing and making ‘waste’ coats out of recycled materials and using our bottle tops to create something special at the end of our project!

Within Geography and History, we will be finding out about our local area and developing our knowledge on climate zones, compass skills, sketching maps, locating counties and cities on maps and human and physical geography.  Sport, games and Physical Education will include gymnastics, hockey and a range of sports with One Touch.

Through our first topic in RE ‘people’ with the big question ‘where do I come from?’, the children will learn about their roots, family trees and the history of Jesus’ real family. We will begin by looking at our own family trees and Jesus’ family tree. From here we will learn about people such as Abraham who was the father of God’s chosen people, Abraham’s great grandson Jacob and King David’s son Solomon.

To complete a fantastic learning experience and to celebrate their learning journey the children will be using all of the collected bottle tops to create something spectacular at the end!


Below are a few photos of our classroom: