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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Firstly, don't believe what Mrs Glendinning says (see Reception class page) - Year 4 is most DEFINITELY the best class in the school!


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Class Teacher:  Mrs J Brewell

Class Teacher (Wednesday - Management cover):  Mrs H Roberts

Teaching Assistant: Mrs AM Deighton



Our Class Prayer


Dear God,

Thank you for all the creatures and the life you have given us,

Help us to keep the environment healthy and safe from danger,

Help us to believe in ourselves and treat people with respect,

Help us to show love for our family and friends by caring for them,

Help us to stay on the right path and encourage others to follow in Your footsteps,

Help us learn and work hard to achieve and be the best we can be.


Pentecost 2


Our final topic of this busy year will be Misty Mountain,Winding River.  Have a look at the overview below for a flavour of what we'll be getting up to.

Pentecost 1


Our new topic will be Play List - all about music.  Have a look at the term's overview below for a flavour of what we'll be getting up to.

Our Lockdown Bubble's recreation of the rescue scene from David Walliams' Demon Dentist for World Book Day - March '21

Lent 2


March '21:  We are all delighted in school to be welcoming back all pupils from Monday, 8th March.  The learning will move seamlessly from remote to face-to-face, so try to ensure your online learning is up to date.  We can't wait to see you!


Feb. '21:  We begin Lent 2 with most of our children still working remotely.  Hopefully, we will soon be all back in school learning together.  However, I am immensely proud of the work you are doing at home, so please keep at it until that time.


Our topic is called Blue Abyss, which, as the name suggests, is all about the seas and oceans.  Have a look at the attached topic overview sheet to see some of the things we will be learning.

Curriculum Overview Lent Term 2

Lent 1


01/01/21:  Happy New Year everyone!  We have another exciting term in store and I am very much looking forward to getting going on it.  Have a look at the topic overview document below to see what we'll be covering.

Advent 2


 18/12/20:  What an amazing, action-packed term we have had!  It ended with another wonderful outdoor liturgy, this time celebrating the great gifts of God, but thinking in particular about His greatest gift, Jesus.  See some pictures of this below. 



Our Gift Liturgy - 17th December 2020

We also enjoyed designing and making our own potions this term.  It was great fun and rather exciting!

Here are some of the potions we created.


Our Potions

We finished the term with our Covid-friendly 'bubble' mini Christmas party.  Here are the prize winners of the games.  It didn't matter whether we had won or not, however, as we all had a BRILLIANT time!

Christmas Party Games Winners


This term our topic is Potions.  Have a look at the attached topic overview sheet to see what we will be covering.

Once the season of Advent commences, we will of course be focusing on the story of the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  This is such a joyous, hopeful time of year and I look forward to sharing it with all of of the families in Year 4.

Term: Advent 1



What a fantastic first term we had!

One of the highlights of the term was our outdoor liturgy which brought to a close our RE topic on families and family trees.  Here are a few pictures of this, including some of our children taking time to look up into the canopies of the trees to marvel at God's creation.

Our Outdoor Liturgy - October, 2020

Wondering at God's creation - The tree canopies

Another highlight was finding out what effect different liquids would have on our teeth.  We were SHOCKED! Many of us have said that we will just drink water from now on!  Here were the  different eggs at the end of the experiment:

Effect of different liquids on teeth experiment

September, 2020:

What a strange year it has been!  Then, just as things were beginning to get back to normal, we're off again - this time, however, the Government hopes to keep the schools open and I can assure you that ALL the staff at St. Mary's desperately want us to stay open too!  


To add to the strange events of the year, I ended up having an unplanned operation on my back during the summer holidays.  However, I am delighted to report that I am healing very well and hope to be back in school soon.  As part of my recovery, I have had to wear a strange, black body brace to help support my back - Mr. Brewell says that I look like Darth Vader's wife!  I told him that we don't say rude things like that at St. Mary's, which is good, because I may still have to wear it from time to time when I'm back.


Miss Cropper and I have been regularly in touch with each other since she took over the class, so I have an excellent idea of what's been happening in school.  Hearing from Miss Cropper makes me even more excited to be coming back soon.  


As you know, this term we have been following the Recovery Curriculum, based around the topic of the Digestive System; this will continue until the October break.


I look forward to meeting up with you all soon, but in the meantime, work your hardest, enjoy school and stay safe.


Mrs J. Brewell, Class Teacher

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