St Mary's Catholic

Voluntary Academy

Part of the St Therese of Lisieux Catholic Multi Academy Trust

Year 3

Welcome to the class of St Paul

(The Best Class!)

Class Teacher: Mrs Glover

Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs Atilkan


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Welcome to Year 3. 

We are excited to be back in school and are looking forward to finding out about our exciting topics this year. We all work together and take care of each other. The classes at St Mary's are now all named after Saints. The children in Class 3 chose St Paul as the one they wanted us to be named after. They picked him after considering his role in the Bible and the fact that he "wrote great letters to help lots of people". We have also chatted about, and decided upon,  our Class rules and have all signed them having thought carefully about what would help to make our class a happy, safe and supportive learning environment.

Here they are:

1. I will be kind and helpful to others in my school. 

2. I will be loving and respectful to everyone.

3. I will move around the classroom sensibly and quietly

4. I will put my hand up and wait to speak.

5. I will listen to others when they talk.

6. I will stand up to bullying. 


Please enjoy looking at all the things we get up to this year.

                                                 Our Class Prayer                                                           

Dear God,

Thank you for all the wonderful things you made us. For protecting our homes and families.


We are sorry for the bad things we have thought and said and done.


We ask you to help us Believe, Succeed and Soar in Year 3.


Loving Father, thank you for your sacrifice.





Our lovely new Classroom

Wonderful Work