St Mary's Catholic

Voluntary Academy

Part of the St Therese of Lisieux Catholic Multi Academy Trust

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

(The Best Class!)

Class Teacher: Ms Arnold

Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs Davey, Mr McEntegart and Miss Campbell


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Welcome to Year 3.  We have a great time in class, with great projects, finding out lots of new things.  We all work together and take care of each other thinking about keeping our bodies and minds active. 

Please enjoy looking at all the things we do.

                                                 Our Class Prayer                                                           

Dear Lord                                                                                           

Thank you for creating the wonderful world we call our home and filling it with our loving families and friends.

Thank you for the beautiful nature that surrounds us and helps to keep us calm. Thank you for giving us Jesus, church, prayer and teachers to guide us along our path.

We are sorry for the times we have not made the right choices, been unkind and not listened carefully.

Father God, help us to try out best in everything we do. Remind us that it is ok to need more practice. Help us to be resilient, persevere and encourage us to aim high.

Christ is at the heart of St Mary’s school and its pupils are blessed with many talents. Help us to use those talents sensibly and effectively.                           Please be next to us as we travel through year 3 and onwards in our lives. 



Our Classroom

Topic Overview Pentecost 2 - Flow

Topic Overview (Pentecost 1) Gods and Mortals