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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Year Three Autumn Term Curriculum Overview 2019

What makes Britain great?


During the Autumn term year 3 will have the opportunity to discover what makes Britain great and all things British. We enjoyed kicking off the year exploring what we already know about Britain as well as enjoying a British themed tea party and cake decorating.

Through our real project year 3 will have the opportunity to develop many key skills including map reading, fieldwork, enquiry, research, planning, writing and presentation. Through a topic that aims to inspire a fascination about the world around them, specifically Great Britain and the local community and the people that live there, along with creating a curiosity of Britain’s past. They will have the opportunity to study a Great British county learning about the geographical features of the area including the human, physical and topographical features, as well as exploring settlements and land use. In addition, they will get to explore the history of the country, how it has developed, and to discover the places, people and traditions that has made it unique and special. With the aim of creating a power point presentation I am sure they will love to share with you.

Moving closer to home we will also look at how Grantham has grown and developed over time again considering the both physical and human geographical changes such as changes in settlement, land use and the high street. Not forgetting our local history and the people who helped to put Grantham on the map!

In addition, we will also look at the British Values including rule of law, individual liberty, democracy, respecting and valuing different faiths, cultures and individual liberties. We will also consider the role both the Royal Family and government play in making our country what it is today. As well as the role we play in continuing to make Great Britain a great place to live and grow up.

Our topic will support a range of non-fiction writing styles including fact files, explanation text, persuasive letters and newspaper reports. Keeping with our Great British theme we will also be focusing on Great British authors, sketching and painting landscape in the style of Great British painter David Hockney and building models of the Great British landscape. We will hopefully get the chance to have a go at baking some traditional Great British treats such as gingerbread and look at local seasonal produces.