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Skills and Values

     Skills and Values at Saint Mary’s

Without doubt, the content of our curriculum and knowledge children gain during their time with us is high on our list of priorities.  However, as a school, we firmly believe that our children should also be developing learning skills and values to enable them to be both effective learners and valued citizens of the world in the image of God.










Becoming responsible citizens means being people who can be trusted to do their best for the good of others. Being responsible means being prepared to stand up on behalf of others and act and speak for them. Being responsible means that others can expect you to make a sensible 'response' in a situation - you won't just give up or stay quiet. You will be ready to act.


Children make decisions as a responsible person and seek to make a difference for the better. Children ask challenging questions sensitively. Children negotiate positively with others to ensure a good outcome.





What are the secrets to keeping going?

To be successful requires the discipline of hard work in most areas of life.


Children persevere and enjoy the joy learning provides, rather than receiving rewards. Children know their long-term goals and commit to the short term goals needed to achieve them.





Respect means treating each other with politeness and courtesy. Respect has to do with recognising each other as fellow human beings with equal rights to ourselves. Respect does not mean that we always agree with the other person but that we are prepared to listen and share our views without rudeness or impatience. Respect needs to start with respect for ourselves and our own unique contribution to our homes, schools or communities.

Creative Thinkers

Children make decisions having listened and considered. Children understand democracy and their responsibility to ensure a group works effectively together.





Fair play is a very strong instinct in most of us. We tend to become upset when things aren't fair and we or others get a raw deal. 'Treat others as you want them to treat you' (Matthew 7:12).


Children relish the opportunity to be innovative and creative. Children ask complex questions which relate to living in the modern world.





Wisdom is about how we handle our good and bad experiences of life. It is about how we use the knowledge we have. It is about our choices. What helps you make a wise choice?


Children independently draw conclusions, make recommendations and revisions if necessary. Children make reasoned judgements, deductions and decisions. Children choose different techniques to collect and organise information.





Love is regarded as the jewel among the virtues - love sums up all the values. Jesus quotes the key commandments of 'Loving God and loving our neighbour as ourselves' - in this way love sums up all that is most important about life. But love must not be 'just words'. It means something only when it is expressed in action and practical care. To love means putting other people's needs before your own.


Children can accurately assess the quality of my own learning. Children are excited by new challenges and the opportunities they give. Children break down problems into smaller steps and draw up an action plan