St Mary's Catholic

Voluntary Academy

Part of the St Therese of Lisieux Catholic Multi Academy Trust


Welcome to Reception!


Hello and welcome to St Mary's Grantham - Reception Class.  Thank you for taking the time to look at all the exciting things we get up to!

My name is Mrs Glendinning and I have the pleasure of teaching the best class in the school :)  Mrs Purnell works with us (Mon-Thurs) and on Wednesday afternoons Mrs Flowers is in the class whilst I am not there.  On Fridays Mrs O'Leary is with us and Miss Brummitt is also in our class working with some pupils.  

We love using all our amazing space (inside and out) and discovering lots of things, whilst we are learning.  We always have lots to talk about and enjoy sharing with our friends.  



Reception Curriculum Overview Autumn Term 2019

Who are the people who help us?


This term Reception are working to answer the essential question ‘Who are the people who help us?’ We will initially focus upon OURSELVES and getting to know one another and changes in living memory. We will then think about family and significant events and festivals.  PSED — We will be looking at ‘Myself and My Relationships’ through Beginning & Belonging and My family, friends and my emotions. Communication and Language-  We will develop the skill of maintaining attention and listening and responding appropriately to conversation and questions. Physical Development- We will be doing daily physical activities that include balance and coordination.  We will also have specific lessons following our theme in both     Gymnastics and dance.   Literacy — We will look at stories related to our theme including traditional and fairy tales.  Maths— We will learn how to count reliably up to 10, matching numerals. Compare two lengths and heights, using direct comparison; use language of longer and shorter, higher and lower. Use uniform non-standard units to measure items up to 10 units long and put three lengths and heights in order.  Continue a repeating pattern with two colours/shapes/objects. Rehearse counting to 20 and identifying basic 3D shapes and their properties. Understanding the World — We will learn to log on and simple keyboard skills and basic e-safety. We will look at seasonal changes and uses of everyday materials. Expressive Arts and Design —We will be designing our own homes, using cutting and joining techniques that we have learnt. RE - Is establishing effective relationships with adults and other children, recognising and exploring feelings and recognising special times.


Our Wow Day: 28/10/19

We will be having a ‘Superhero day!’ This will be a celebration of everyone who is a hero!  Children are welcome to come in dressed as someone who is a Superhero.  This might be a particular family member who helps people or is a hero in your family.