St Mary's Catholic

Voluntary Academy

Part of the St Therese of Lisieux Catholic Multi Academy Trust

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Christ is at the centre of St. Mary's as we strive to nurture and care for all people by encouraging them to Believe, Succeed and Soar within God’s love to achieve the very best that they can.










The School Aims & Vision Statement


We aim to create a 'caring' community and environment, setting out to meet the needs of the children, and to encourage them to care for others, through understanding and respect, by creating a sound atmosphere in which the children feel happy and secure, and establishing links with parents and the wider community.


Children are expected to do their best at all times and to take pride in the work that they produce. Good manners and good behaviour are encouraged at the school, and the children are taught to care and to be proud to be a member of St. Mary’s Academy. The school aims to work towards all children experiencing a measure of real success and progress in areas of activity and learning. We provide a wide range of experiences in order to stimulate the children's interest and imagination and fully extend the pupils in all abilities.


Our Gospel Values


To achieve our full Christian potential, we all need to live out the Gospel Values: -



A Christ-like love respects the talent of each person in our school.



Faith helps us to do God’s will in this world.



Hope helps us to see a new life beyond our present one.



We know that if we love one another, peace will be all around us.


We believe that mercy will be shown by the way we forgive others.



We believe our community here unites us all as a follower of Jesus.