MacMillian Cake Sale

On Friday 29th September St Marys School held a cake stall to raise money for the McMillian Charity. Children had the option to wear non-uniform in aid of raising more funds. The event was run by Mrs Herring and children in the school. We asked some of the children for their opinion on how the event went ‘everyone loved it, we were aiming to raise £200 but with all the cakes and our events; like guess the name of the teddy bear and how many sweets are in a jar we managed to raise more than £400.’ We are very proud to announce that we raised £405 in total for the charity. ‘this day was a success! I think that Macmillan will be very proud of us and hopefully we have helped save many lives.’ The children realised that with their help ‘they made the day a success by helping the teachers set it all up’ St Mary’s School want to wish all the parents, friends, staff and children that attended on the day a huge thank you. We hope next year we can raise even more.